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Conditions of Use

Terms of purchase 

This website is the official e-shop of: 
Nikolakis Ioanis 
Address Kyprou 80 
City Koropi 
Tax Number 034893881 
Post Code 19400 
Phone +30 210 6626959 
FAX +30 210 6626954 

Payment Options 
Our e-shop does not accept any purchase by credit, but only by cash. Your orders must be paid the latest at the time of delivery. Available payment options are: 
1. By cash when the product is delivered. 
2. You can deposit the money to our bank account and then send us the bank receipt via fax. Name/Surname of buyer is required to be written during the bank transaction so we know who made the deposit. 
3. By credit, debit or prepaid card. You will be asked to fill the information needed such as credit card number, expiration date etc. Use of card that ownership is other than the buyer is feasible only, by written authorization of the owner, followed by a photocopy of his ID. The credit cards accepted are: Visa, Master and American Express. 

Delivery Options 
1. Your order can be delivered by a courier service to the buyer’s shipment address. Shipment costs will be charge to the buyer, and they will be assessed according to place of delivery, size and weight of ordered products. 
2. You can collect the order directly from our shop during working hours and days. 

Average delivery time 
1. Delivery time, for products with available sign, is set to 3-4 working days. 
2. Delivery time for products with under communication sign, is set to seven (7) working days, if the product is directly available from our suppliers, otherwise the time is set to one (1) month. 
3. If delivery time is other than the ones mentioned above then the buyer will be informed. In that case the buyer will maintain his right to cancel his order, without any charge. 
4. Our shop is not responsible for any delay in the execution of the order (including delivery time), due to facts that are beyond our influence. These facts, like workers’ strike in the transportation sector, supplier problems in production, foreign exchange fluctuations, government or legal activities, physical disasters will prolong delivery time. If any of these facts exceed the duration of two (2) months, buyer will be able to cancel the order without any charge. 

1. Displayed prices include current VAT 
2. Displayed prices may vary from current actual selling prices. An effort is done so that prices are the actual ones. 
3. Our shop maintains it’s right to change prices without any previous warning. 
4. In case of price alteration, for products that have been ordered, buyer will be informed and will maintain his right to cancel his order. 
5. Shipment via courier service is charged extra, according to order’s weight, size and place of delivery. The total amount charged will be displayed before final confirmation of order. The calculations are automatically done by our system. In case of mistake or different price rates, you will be informed while maintaining your right to cancel the order, if such thing occurs. 
6. Products followed by “under communication” sign are not in stock and may have a price indication. It is very possible this price will be very different from the actual one. The one shown is a result of the last time someone bought it. Our shop will come in contact with the buyer providing current price rates and the buyer will confirm his final order execution. 
7. Users are not charged for visiting our website. They are charged only if they order products. 

Order return and cancellation 
According to current Greek law, the consumer maintains the right to return the product he/she ordered (except for products that are mentioned in paragraph “special category of products/parts”) within ten (10) days from the day delivered. The only condition is that the product returned must be in the exact condition delivered with its packaging intact. In case of product return shipment expenses are charged to the buyer. Purchase receipts must be included. In case that damaged or different products are delivered from the ones ordered, then the customer may return it. Shipment for their return will be charged to our shop. We will substitute the product with a new one or customer’s money will be returned if he/she does not wish to buy it any more. All these may take place under the condition that the damaged product is recognized during delivery time, otherwise it is considered that products were delivered in good condition. Return of products that belong to the special category of products/parts is not accepted under any circumstances, except in the case that a damaged or different product was sent Order cancellation is feasible only in a short period of time after the order is given and always before it comes into state of final execution. For products that belong to the special category of products/parts consumer can cancel their order only if our shop has not ordered it from our suppliers. In case of product return if buyer was charged money, it will be returned within thirty (30) days. 

Photographs of parts and appliances are indicative and may not reflect the exact product. 
Returns are not accepted on the occasion of the above reason. 
In case of doubt about the correctness of the replacement, contact the store before your order.

Special category of products/parts 
In this category belong products that are followed by availability sign “under communication”, which must be ordered from our suppliers. These products/parts belong to this category because: 
• They are specialized with limited use and they are available after specific order. 
• They are never directly available from our shop. 
• Their delivery time is dependant upon the delivery time on the part of our suppliers 
• Their identification and order may require extra processes from our business. 
• Products suppliers do not accept return or cancellation of an order. 
• Prices indicated by the system, for the products of this category, are very possible to differ from the actual current ones. 

All the above mentioned have a result that: 
1. Our shop communicates with the customer providing final cost and delivery time info. 
2. A payment in advance or filling/sending extra documents for final order confirmation may be required. 
3. Order cancellation is possible only if products have not been ordered from our suppliers. 
4. Products return for this category is feasible only in cases that: i) product/part delivered is different from the one ordered, with obvious cause of our shop ii) product/part delivered is damaged, with obvious cause of our shop 

1. Our shop does not supply any warranty other than delivering products in excellent condition 
2. Products/parts are not followed by any warranty 
3. Especially for electric or electronic products our shop does not accept any returns, for flaws shown during operation, because on one hand our suppliers do not accept it back and on the other hand our shop is not able to check their proper operation. 

Buyer Obligations 
1. Buyer is responsible for choosing the appropriate and suitable product for the use he/she intends to make. 
2. Buyer ought to read and fully understand terms of purchasing, which are accessible from everybody, before making the final order confirmation. 
3. Buyer is responsible for checking product’s good condition and plenitude during delivery. In case that the Buyer omits to check products ordered, during delivery, or does not directly inform our shop for flaws or lack of products, it is considered that the order was delivered flawless, including all parts and accessories mentioned on the package and in excellent working condition. 
4. Buyer must supply his/her actual, precise, full personal information required to execute an order and inform us in case of any change. 

Current Laws concerning terms or purchasing 
All terms obey European regulations and Greek law N. 2251/1994 that regulates issues concerning conventions made through distance. 
By making a purchase it means that the buyer has read, understood and fully agrees to all terms mentioned above. 
Our shop maintains the right to change purchasing terms without any previous warning. It is buyer’s obligation to check, read and understand the terms before making an order.