Feck's Philosophy

Detailing accessories from the UK.All products are made out of best quality materials from passionate detailers.

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Picture of Professor Plush

Professor Plush

Drying microfiber towel.
€24.97 incl tax
Picture of Feck's Philosophy Lanyard

Feck's Philosophy Lanyard

A feck's philosophy branded lanyard.
€10.80 incl tax
Picture of H2O Deluxe Drying Towel

H2O Deluxe Drying Towel

A 60x60cm, 1000gsm safe and effective drying towel.
€16.00 incl tax
Picture of Whoolie Wheel Wands

Whoolie Wheel Wands

3 wheel brushes in different sizes for easy and effective rims cleaning.
€31.17 incl tax
Picture of Microfibre Wash Mitt

Microfibre Wash Mitt

A quality microfibre wash mitt for safe and effective cleaning.
€22.38 incl tax
Picture of The Deluxe Wash Square

The Deluxe Wash Square

Lamb's wool square wash pad.
€27.36 incl tax