Hood care products.

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Καθαριστικό υφασμάτινης κουκούλας cabrio

Rag Top Cleaner Auto Finesse 500ml

Rag Top Hood Cleaner is a deep cleansing solution to remove ground in dirt, mould and moss for a new lease of life.
€11.97 incl tax
Προστατευτικό υφασμάτινης κουκούλας cabrio

Rag Top Protector Auto Finesse 500ml

The Auto Finesse Rag Top Protector spray and leave application seals all types of convertible fabric roofs from the daily elements, helping prevent mould and UV fading.
€15.31 incl tax
Σφουγγάρι καθαρισμού υφασμάτων

Scrubi Spot Pad Auto Finesse

The Auto Finesse Scrubi pad turns our Handi Puck into the perfect interior and fabric hood cleaning tool.
€6.56 incl tax