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Picture of Dual Applicator Auto Finesse

Dual Applicator Auto Finesse

Dual side applicator
€11.01 incl tax
Σφουγγάρι εφαρμογής κεριών

Finger Foam - Wax Applicator

Wax applicator
€4.56 incl tax
Σφουγγάρι Εφαρμογής υγρών, αλοιφών, κεριών αυτοκινήτου

Foam Applicator Auto Finesse

Foam Applicator
€1.93 incl tax
Βάση Λαβή στήριξης σφουγγαριών γυαλίσματος, καθαρισμού αυτοκινήτου

Handi Puck Auto Finesse

The Auto Finesse Handi polishing Puck is the perfect way to turn spot pads into ergonomic hand applicators, complete with a Velcro-backed high-density foam dome.
€10.56 incl tax
Εφαρμογέας Αλοιφών από μικροΐνες

Microfibre Applicators

A simple and ideal to use microfibre applicator.
€2.07 incl tax
Picture of Microfibre Spot Pad Auto Finesse

Microfibre Spot Pad Auto Finesse

Turn the Handi-Puck into a hand polishing system.
€6.56 incl tax