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Wheels Clean and Proctect

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Wheel Wax Mint Rims Auto Finesse 100ml

The Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax is a high temperature synthetic wax for your wheels, helping to maintain specialists finishes and making future cleaning a breeze.
€23.61 incl tax
Picture of Caramics Wheel Protection Kit

Caramics Wheel Protection Kit

Ceramic wheel protection that lasts up to 12 months.
€36.14 incl tax
Picture of Finish Kare High Temp Wax

Finish Kare High Temp Wax

Synthetic car and boat wax.
€21.84 incl tax
Picture of Basics Protection Wax 100ML

Basics Protection Wax 100ML

Car wax
€22.98 incl tax
Γυαλιστικό ελαστικών αυτοκινήτου

Gloss 250ml

Tyre Dressing
€8.23 incl tax
Καθαριστικό ζαντών

Imperial Wheel Cleaner 500ml

Wheel Cleaner
€10.85 incl tax
Κρέμα γυαλίσματος για λάστιχα αυτοκινήτου

Satin Auto Finesse 500ml

Tyre Creme dressing.
€10.85 incl tax
Picture of Q2M Tire Express 400ml

Q2M Tire Express 400ml

Tyre and trim dressing
€18.63 incl tax
Καθαριστικό σαμπουάν ζαντών

Revolution Auto Finesse 500ml

Wheel Soap
€11.78 incl tax
Καθαριστικό Επικαθήσεων Σιδήρου

Iron Out Auto Finesse 500ml

Iron fallout remover
€14.48 incl tax
Picture of Perl Coat 500ml

Perl Coat 500ml

Trim and tyre dressing
€14.08 incl tax
Picture of Iron Out Auto Finesse 5L

Iron Out Auto Finesse 5L

Iron fallout remover
€69.21 incl tax
Σφουγγάρι Γυαλίσματος Ελαστικών

Tyre & Trim Applicator AF

Foam applicator with ergonomic deshign.
€3.46 incl tax
Picture of IronX 500ml

IronX 500ml

Iron contaminants remover.
€13.69 incl tax
Picture of Ferrous Dueller 500ml

Ferrous Dueller 500ml

Fall out remover
€12.59 incl tax
Tyre spot pad

Tyre Spot Pad Auto Finesse

The Auto Finesse Tyre Spot Pad is the perfect partner to the Handi Puck creating an ergonomic tyre dressing applicator
€6.92 incl tax
Βούρτσα καθαρισμού ζαντών

Barrel Brush

Wheel Brush
€27.09 incl tax
Picture of Detailing Brush Trio - Set of 3

Detailing Brush Trio - Set of 3

Detailing Brushes
€16.48 incl tax